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How it works for a Influencer

Three simple steps to earning from your social media following


List your Account

 List your Social Media Accounts on Price4Post.  You can list multiple accounts from various Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.


Brands will Buy your Listing

Brands who wish to promote through you will buy your listing/s. Both Influencer and Brand must come to an understanding of exactly what will be posted and for how long.


Complete the Post and get Paid.

 Complete the content posting and be paid the agreed amount after Price4Post fees of 15%.

How it works for a Brand

Three simple steps for getting your brand more exposure


Post a Request or Contact a Influencer

Choose a Influencer which you think will best represent your brand. Look over Influencer account details such as Location, Content Description, and price before ordering your post. You can also “Request” to have Influencers offer to post about your product or service.


Review Post details and Offers

Come to an agreement and exact understanding with the Influencer about your Post and all its contents. Review offers made to your “Request” for potential Influencers who believe they could support your Brand positively.

Get It Done

 After the end of the desired period for the post to be up, you will click the “complete” button and the Influencer will then be paid. (At no time will your payment be giving to the Influencer before the completion of your agreed deal, such as length of time on Influencers’ social media feed.)

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I want a post for my Brand or Product

Request to see offers from influencers looking to promote my product or service.

I have a Social Media Following

Show my profile to Brands and let them contact me for a post.

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